Pak-Ukraine Trade & Culture Information Center

A delegation of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) visited the PUTCIC stall at My
Karachi on the second day. Mr. Shamim A Firpo briefed the delegation about the objective and
services of the Centre. He said that PUTCIC is maintained by the Firpo Group and it is a nonprofit
organization working for promotion of trade and industry between both the countries.
While briefing about the Centre, he said that PUTCIC has close liaison with the embassy for
providing trade and commercial information offered by the Ukraine suppliers to their
counterparts in Pakistan. He urged Pakistan businessmen to take maximum advantage of huge
opportunities and new business prospects between the two countries which will increase the
bilateral trade volume. He also highlighted the role of Ukrainian embassy in Pakistan

Post Activity Report of PUTCIC’s participation at My Karachi: Oasis of Harmony International Exhibition 2015

In a bid to promote Ukrainian economic potential in Pakistan, Pak-Ukraine Trade & Culture
Information Center participated in 12th My Karachi Exhibition organized by the Karachi Chamber
of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) from 10th to 12th April 2015 at Expo Centre Karachi. The
exhibition hours were from 10:00am to 8:00pm. PUTCIC’s booth was in Diplomatic Pavilion in
Hall No.5 of Expo Centre where all diplomatic stalls were setup to represent their countries. The
three days exhibition attracted large numbers of visitors from all folk of life.
PUTCIC stall received very warm response and appreciation notes and compliments from the
visitors. Several foreign delegates and local dignitaries and business persons visited the stall and
shared their valuable time with PUTCIC. General visitors were also keen to know about Ukraine
and its culture and visa procedures and facilities. Numbers of the students were also interested in
getting information about education facility in Ukraine. The main objective to establish the stall
was to encourage Pakistani businessmen to do business with their Ukrainian counterparts and to
explore Ukrainian market. During three days of exhibition different delegations and foreign
officials visited the stall and willing to know about the Centre activities.
Engr. M. A. Jabbar Honorary Consul to Ukraine at Karachi visited PUTCIC booth on the 1st day at
My Karachi 2015 on Centre’s invitation. Mr. Shamim A Firpo President PUTCIC welcomed him at
the stall and thanked him for visiting the stall and for sharing his valuable time. Engr. M. A.
also shared his views in a small talk to media at the booth.
Mr. Hadi Santoso, Consul General of Republic of Indonesia alongwith his wife also visited
PUTCIC's booth on the 3rd day of event and warmly welcomed by Mr. Shamim A Firpo. He
briefed them about the services and objectives of the Centre.
Engr. M A Jabbar Honorary Consul to Ukraine at Karachi at
the stall alongwith Mr. Shamim A Firpo

Mr. Atiq Ur Rehamn visited PUTCIC stall on
the 2nd day

Mr. Hadi Santoso Consul General of Republic of Indonesia and his wife visited PUTCIC's booth on 3rd day of event and warmly welcomed by Mr. Shamim A Firpo.

PUTCIC’s Booth at My Karachi Exhibition 2015


Mr. Shamim A Firpo President PUTCIC welcomed Engr. M A
Jabbar Honorary Consul to Ukraine at Karachi at PUTCIC
booth on the 1st day at My Karachi 2015

Mr. Shahzad Mobeen, Mr. Rehan Hanif and Mr. Muhammad Rafi visited
PUTCIC stall on 2nd day

Engr. M A Jabbar Honorary Consul to
Ukraine at Karachi talking to media at the
PUTCIC booth

PUTCIC Stand at My Karachi

Office Bearers of KCCI Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra-President, Mr. Ibrahim Kassumbi-Senior Vice
President, Agha Shahab-Vice President and Managing Committee Members of KCCI and Mr.
Muhammad Idrees, Chairman My Karachi Committee visited PUTCIC stall on the second day of the
expo. Mr. Shamim A Firpo warmly welcomed them at the stall.

Mr. Shamim A. Firpo thanked all the visitors who visited PUTCIC’s stall at My Karachi and shared
their valuable time with the Centre. He expressed his gratitude for appreciating Centre’s efforts in
promoting bilateral trade between both the countries.

We always welcome your feedback and valuable suggestions.

SDPI's Events
                                   Changing Dynamics in Global Power Structures (Seminar)

• MNA Arif Alvi, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf
• Senator Farhat Ullah Babar, Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians
• Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed, Pakistan Muslim League
• H.E. Volodymyr Lakomov, Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan
• Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI
• Mr. Shakeel Ramay, Senior Research Associate, SDPI (Moderator)

The end of the cold war not only led to disintegration of the Soviet Union but also brought about a significant shift in global politics, with the United States emerging as the world’s sole super-power.
Another major shift occurred in 2010, with the spread of a wave of uprisings against the ruling classes in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). It has been widely argued that rampant corruption, rising income inequality, lack of employment opportunities for a growing youth population, and persistence in the status quo were major factors in driving the Arab Spring.
Even more recently, protestors upended the government in Ukraine, forcing the serving president to flee to neighboring Russia. The Russian government staged an intervention by sending in troops into Crimea and refused to accept the new government in place. While diplomatic tools are being used to convince Russia to withdraw the Crimean intervention, there remains disagreement amongst some of the countries involved in the effort.
In this context, the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, in partnership with the Pakistan-China Institute, has organized a special seminar on the said subject to look more closely into major shifts occurring in global politics, and what these shifts entail for developing countries, including Pakistan.
The seminar will be held on Monday, 7th April 2014 at SDPI office premises, 38 Main Embassy Road, G-6/3, Islamabad, 3-5 PM. You are cordially invited to join the discussion.
The event can also be watched live at: